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Diposting oleh Han's Photo Minggu, 27 Desember 2009

Indonesia will be the arrival of the Japanese porn star, who named Maria Ozawa, known as Miyabi. Women are now idolized some of these circles, was born from the mother of a Japanese woman, and her father French-Canadian descent.

Miyabi story, in 2007, he signed a contract with a video recording studio 'Attackers', a leading studio company, a business specializing in pornographic films, which were temakan rape. Soon, in June 2008, Miyabi company moved to a smaller studio, named, 'Ran-maru', who released his first record, July 19, 2008. Still in the year 2008, various record Miyabi, from the work of different producers, including exclusive recordings lesbian beradegan Miyabi which produced LADYxLADY, a division of pornographic film conglomerate in Japan Soft On Demand (SOD).

Furthermore, Miyabi decided to appear in the films 'are not censored'. Films were used so-called mosaic of pixels, commonly used to obscure the genitals look in all the standard pornographic video in Japan. Miyabi porn film with a 45-year-old actor, and the movie 45 minutes, without censorship released online by perusahaanXVN, September 2008. In 2009, the Miyabi starring in a film titled 'Oral Venus', which was not free from porn. Three movie studios, DAS, Moody'z dn M's Viedo Group, all of them chose porn movie, starring Miyabi, participate in the contest AV grandprix 2009. This is part of career and life journey Miyabi porn star.

Previously, Indonesia had also allowed the publication of Play Boy magazine. Play Boy magazine, published in the U.S., the first time, in 1953, and was founded by Hefner. The magazine was first published with 'cover' movie star Marilyn Monroe, and the circulation reached 53,991 thousand. Play Boy Magazine which is only allowed for adults in the U.S., and always display the 'cover' the stars with a picture of 'naked'. But, the magazine was allowed absurd published in Indonesia. And, first appeared in Indonesia, Play Boy, 7 April 2006.

Play Boy magazines in several countries banned. As in the PRC, South Korea, India, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, and Brunei. In Islamic countries, which joined the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), Play Boy prohibited. There are no Islamic countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia that allow the publication of Play Boy.

In the U.S., Play Boy Magazines are not sold in any shop, in some states, Play Boy Magazines are sold only in places that sell liquor. Play Boy is also prohibited for sale in stores that do not sell liquor. Around the world Play Boy Magazine, not sold in stores for free, and if there is placed on the highest shelf, which can not be reached by children.

But, in Indonesia, a country that too free, porno videos can be found disembarang place, and children under umurpun can get it. There are no strict restrictions, and restrictions. As everyone can enjoy the things that this damage. Thus, the arrival of Miyabi porn star from Japan, who visited Indonesia, just to prove that Indonesia allow and permit all forms of damage and disobedience.

Elsewhere, Dr.Risman Moses MA, Expert Staff of the Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare, Multiculturalism Program Development Division, stated, "The attack carried out pornographer so organized, so the role of parents and the openness of communication within the family must remain created to protect children, and the important role of religion ", he said. "Therefore, restrictions and rules need to clear up their products with a variety of media are not easily accessible to children", he added.

Indonesia is a country full of paradok. In the midst of screams, cries, and the grief of those who suffered, by an earthquake, flood, mountain trim, and accidents, but there are also groups of people who do not have a sense of concern and conscience. Not an iota of fear of punishment from Allah Ta'ala.

This indicates a moral crisis in Indonesia is very acute, and to the bone marrow. Consider everything becomes normal. There is no correlation between one event with another event. What happened paradoknya life in Indonesia today. The moral values of religion are wasting away.

now it's up to us how we, our families and keep them away from all forms of pornography let our family coached by increasing our faith and belief in Alloh.

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